Step 1: Marketing Strategy

marketing strategyYou ever wonder if you can still make money on the web as a successful affiliate? My answer to that question is, of course you can!

It may not be so easy a caveman could do it, but it is definitely possible if you follow this sweet little marketing strategy.  The ingredients you will need are hard work, diligence, and a whole lot of patience, so let’s get into it.

Get Rich In The Niche

What’s the point in spending hours and days to put together a killer blog, ad, or website just to find out there’s little to no interest in what you are marketing? I suggest you start with finding a topic or digital product that is in demand.

Next, search for an affiliate company that has a good variety of products to promote.  Go with something you already know quite a bit about, then take a peak at the search engines to see if people are looking for it. I know research can be a bit mind numbing but if you follow the marketing strategy below, it will make your research a little less painful.

First, I installed a free Chrome or Firefox extension called Keywords Everywhere. This gives me instant stats about the keyword phrases I enter in the search box, such as volume, cpc, and competition cost.

Go to google and start typing a search term for your niche. For example, type “gain weight and muscle” and google will assist you with a list of search terms from most popular to least popular.  These terms will make up your keyword list. Click enter and a list of websites, ads, and sometimes videos will be returned to

Marketing Strategy Tip of the Day:

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, google will show you additional keyword phrases to choose from in a category called “Searches related to gain weight and muscle“.

Next go to and enter your search term. When you click the blue “search” button, you have the option to select specific search terms, or you can click the “Add all” button to select all the phrases.

Your keywords will be displayed in a new box where they can be downloaded, exported or copied to the clipboard. Select “Copy selection to clipboard“.affiliate company

Click the chrome extension   and select “Bulk upload keywords”. When the box is displayed, paste the keyword phrases you copied to the clipboard, then click the blue button that says “Get Search Volume and CPC“.  You can sort the results by clicking the search volume column so it will be easier to chose the best keyword phrases.

To get the most out of this marketing strategy, make sure to target keywords that have a competition rating of low or medium. Keywords with a number between 0 – .33 have a low competition rating, and keywords between 0.34 – 0.66 have a medium competition rating.