Step 2: Host a Blog, Website or Whatever

Host Your Own Website

hostNow that you are armed with some popular keyword phrases, it’s time to host them in a blog, website, YouTube video, Facebook fan page, or some other type of platform. This is the fun part of these lessons.

The platform I chose was WordPress because I wasn’t sure if I wanted a blog, or a website. WordPress gives me the option to do both so I went with that.

First, I made a pit stop at Bluehost to purchase a shiny new domain name. Next, I followed that up with a host for all the blogs and websites I plan to build.  Not all host programs are created equal. Bluehost provides some of the best prices on the internet for the value you get in return.  Hostgator has cheap hosting as well, but WordPress may run a bit slow on Hostgator.

I specifically chose Bluehost, simply because they support WordPress and offer a one-click option to install it for me. Of course, I can always go through the trouble to download WordPress to my hard drive, unzip it, then upload it to my host account, configure a wp-config.php file in order to run WordPress on my machine…. you see where I’m going with this?

I’m tired already!  I decided I wanted Bluehost to do all the leg work for me. Plus, they offer short little training videos to walk me through the installation.

Host Tip of the day:

During the install, you will be given the option to choose a theme.  The themes they show you are all for purchase. If you do not want to buy a theme, make sure you click the “No Thanks” link underneath the offer to by-pass this option.

After WordPress has completed installing, you can chose a theme for free inside your admin panel.
To log in to wordpress, type your domain name in the browser and the log in page should magically appear.  To see how quick and easy it is to install WordPress  in your new bluehost account, watch the 2 minute video below.